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It's the eve of the Holidays at Porcellini's house. Mr Porcellini is busy preparing lunch for the party. Only the main dish is missing: the four Holy Cakes, the legendary sweets of the swine tradition. 

But a danger hides in the shadows . George, the evil goat has emptied the pantry and flees with his loot of precious ingredients. 
How will Mr. Porcellini bake now? Pursue George for the 4 kingdoms and retrieve the ingredients for the cakes. 

At each level you complete, you will get the exclusive recipe for one of the cakes. You could bake it and celebrate the victory with Mr Porcellini! How granny sounds this?

But be careful, because George has many friends who will do anything to defend the loot. He's leaving behind a trail of disgusting low quality whisky you should really avoid.
Your only weapon here will be the porkola cans. This magic beverage will give you energy and...powerful burps to defy your enemies.

Porcellini was completed as a quick fun project back in 2011.
It's classic platformer game featuring real delicious cake recipes, an evil goat, funny sound effects, running piggies, original artwork, and engaging music.

At the moment you can try the AIR beta on Google Play.

I'm porting it to Unity and I'm planning to polish this old glory it and add new schemes:)

If you had fun playing the beta let me know, I'd love to go on and develop new adventures, levels and recipes.

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